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Officially launching on the AppStore and GooglePlay on November 4th, Equilli allows you to get your chores done by other students, for free!
Complete tasks for others to earn EQ tokens to get things done for you.

Our vision:

Create a platform where individuals and communities of people help each other through an alternative means of exchange, void of financial incentives.

Equilli facilitates connections between task providers and requesters at individual college campuses. There is no money involved! The EQ token is used to quantify the value of a specific task. It can only be earned by completing tasks for other students. It can only be spent on tasks being completed for you. Rides to campus, laundry, cleaning, delivering food to your dorm at 2am, etc.

College students don't have disposable money, but they do have disposable time! Equilli allows you to break out of your social bubble. There is a lot of divisiveness in the US right now. Can we get people from all different walks of life to interact and perhaps make new friends? Equilli will be a catalyst.

Check out our blog for more info on how Equilli works!

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